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Kynar cable protection cable

HMWPE Cable for Cathodic Protection
High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMW-PE) Cathodic Protection Cables: 600 Volts, Single Conductor, Stranded Copper

A direct burial DC cable for use in cathodic protection applications such as anode lead wires, header cables, structure connections, test leads and more.  The product can also be used for submerged installations in water tanks, offshore structures and other similar applications.
The polyethylene insulation is durable, abrasion resistant and flexible but has temperature and chemical limitations.
This cable insulation color is usually black (standard). However, other custom colors are available depending the quantity purchased.

Stranded copper conductor conforms to ASTM Specification B-8.
Insulation is high molecular weight polyethylene conforming to ASTM D-1248, Type 1, Class A, Category 5, Grades E4 & E5. Tensile Strengths Jl, J3. Available with high density polyethylene (Types II, III, IV) Class B & C (all colors).

Annealed, uncoated, stranded copper conductor, HMW polyethylene black insulation. Surface or indent printed. Custom printing available.
KYNAR PVDF insulated/HMWPE sheathed 600/1000V
Conductors: annealed copper
Insulation: KYNAR/PVDF Fluoropolymer (Radiation cross linked polyvinyldene fluoride)
Sheath/Jacket: HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyolefin) to ASTM Spec D-1248
Colours: Clear/Black
Voltage: 600/1000v
Operating temperature: Maximum 150°C, minimum bending minus -15°C
Minimum bending radius : 10m x OD of cable
Size: 6~240mm2

Size (mm2) Maximum Dia Over Conductor (mm) RT of Insulation (mm) Dia over Core (mm) RT of Sheath (mm) Nominal Overall Dia (mm) Weight (Kg/km)
1x6 3.12 0.7 4.5 1.4 7.3 104
1x10 4.05 0.7 5.5 1.4 8.3 150
1x16 5.10 0.7 6.5 1.4 9.3 214
1x25 6.40 0.9 8.2 1.4 11.0 317
1x35 7.50 0.9 9.3 1.4 12.1 420
1x50 8.90 1.0 11.1 1.4 14.2 560
1x70 10.70 1.1 13.2 1.5 16.4 787
1x95 12.60 1.1 15.0 1.5 18.3 1050
1x120 14.98 1.2 17.6 1.6 21.2 1450
1x150 15.96 1.4 19.0 1.7 22.8 1650
1x185 17.78 1.6 21.3 1.7 25.1 2030
1x240 20.52 1.7 24.3 1.9 28.4 2660
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