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Computer Shielded Cable

Computer Shielded Cable

Computer Shielded Cable (Cable for DSC system) is used as connection cable of inspection devices and instruments with high demand on interference resistant performance in computer net-work and control sys-tem.

Computer Cable Specification Scope:

    Pair No.: 1~24 pairs Core No. per pair: 2 cores (equal to 2 wire group ) or 3 cores (equal to 3 wire group)
    Cross section of conductor: 0.5mm2, 0.75mm2, 1.0mm2,1.5mm2,2.5mm2

Computer Cable Types in General:

No. Type Description
1 DJYVP Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided general shielding
2 DJYVPR Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided general shielding
3 DJYPV Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided individual shielding
4 DJYPVR Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided individual shielding
5 DJYPVP Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided general &  individual shielding
6 DJYPVPR Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided general  & individual shielding
7 DJYVP2 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping
general shielding
8 DJYVP2R Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping
general shielding
9 DJYP2V Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping
individual shielding
10 DJYP2VR Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping
individual shielding
11 DJYP2VP2 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping
individual & general shielding
12 DJYP2VP2R Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping
individual & general shielding
13 DJYVP3 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping
general shielding
14 DJYVP3R Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape
wrapping general shielding
15 DJYP3V Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping
individual shielding
16 DJYP3VR Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape
wrapping individual shielding
17 DJYP3VP3 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping
individual & general shielding
18 DJYP3VP3R Computer soft cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape
wrapping individual & general shielding
19 DJYVP22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided general shielding, steel
tape armor
20 DJYPV22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided individual shielding, steel
tape armor
21 DJYPVP22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided individual & general
shielding, steel tape armor
22 DJYVP2-22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping,
general shielding, steel tape armor
23 DJYP2V22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping,
individual shielding, steel tape armor
24 DJYP2VP2-22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping,
individual & general shielding, steel tape armor
25 DJYVP3-22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping,
general shielding, steel tape armor
26 DJYP3V22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping,
individual shielding, steel tape armor
27 DJYP3VP3-22 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping,
individual & general shielding, steel tape armor
28 DJYVP32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided general shielding, steel
wire armor
29 DJYPV32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided individual shielding, steel
wire armor
30 DJYPVP32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper wire braided individual & general
shielding, steel wire armor
31 DJYVP2-32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping,
general shielding, steel wire armor
32 DJYP2V32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping,
individual shielding, steel wire armor
33 DJYP2VP2-32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, copper-plastic compound tape wrapping,
general & individual shielding, steel wire armor
34 DJYVP3-32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping,
general shielding, steel wire armor
35 DJYP3V32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping,
individual shielding, steel wire armor
36 DJYP3VP3-32 Computer cable with Cu core, PE insulation, PVC sheath, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapping,
general & individual shielding, steel wire armor
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